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Underdog Movie Review: Summarizing the Film Based on Cartoon

Underdog Movie Review: Summarizing the Film Based on Cartoon

A movie review assignment is usually assigned to students in higher education courses. The purpose of the assignment is to analyze a film based on its production, style, and content. A movie review should be written in an objective tone and should not include any personal opinions or biases.

The first step of the process is to watch the film and take notes on it. After watching the film, you need to write a summary of what happened in the film and rate it based on your opinion. You can also mention any awards that were given for this particular film, as well as how it was received by critics at the time of release.

The second step is to write an analysis of the movie by describing its production values, cinematography, directing style (if applicable), narrative structure (if applicable).

Perhaps, everybody has enjoyed a funny movie called Underdog, a story
about the dog endowed with supernatural powers. Therefore, students who
are assigned with underdog movie review should not consider this as a
serious problem for them.

On the contrary, while writing Underdog movie review, students can plunge into their childhood and enjoy the dog’s adventures.

What issues should be included in Underdog movie review?

  • Short summary of the film:

Your Underdog movie review should start with the summary of the plot
and narration about the brightest moments in the film. Here it is
possible to mention the scenes of dog flying in the sky and saving

  • Main characters:

Certainly, like any other review, Underdog movie review should
enumerate the main heroes of the film. Here you can also to analyze the
play of the actors, including sound-on-film. Underdog movie review can
also provide the director’s comments on the motion picture.

  • Main problems for discussion:

In your Undergo movie review, you should also include the main
problems and ideas of the film. In particular, it is possible to dwell
upon the problems of identity and the eternal contradiction between the
good and the evil.

  • Personal attitude:

Your personal impressions are also necessary to include in your
Underdog movie review. Here you can analyze the quality of visual
effects and the way they contribute to the entire atmosphere of the

Learn how to write a review of literature:

How to make your Underdog movie review interesting:

  1. Use various epithets and similes!
  2. Provide as many examples from the film as possible!
  3. Contrast and compare the film characters!

Remember that your Underdog movie review should be cohesive and
understandable for those who have not watched this film. Moreover, it
should awake their desire to watch for several times.

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